Why Sedans Make Great Vehicles?

Auto buyers today have a seemingly endless number options — ranging from super compact Smart cars to car-based SUV crossovers to minivans to large trucks and SUVs. However, in many cases, the tried and true design of a four-door sedan is still the best. Sedans, in particular, have some advantages that make them excellent choices for all price points and for both individual drivers and families. Here are a few reasons why sedans make such great vehicles.

Sedans Offer Exceptional Safety

Sedans have a low center of gravity, which offers several benefits for vehicle safety. These four-door vehicles control well, which helps drivers avoid crashes. Furthermore, sedans are less prone to rollover crashes than other types of vehicles. Cars are also safer for pedestrians — offering excellent visibility and low position that allows you to easily see others outside of the vehicle. These characteristics also make sedans ideal choices for newer drivers, who are more likely to be involved in rollover crashes and incidents with pedestrians.

Sedans Are Economically Smart

Over the years, sedans have evolved to provide the best aerodynamics available, and drivers benefit from the resulting improved mileage. In addition, their light weight cuts back on wasted fuel, helping owners save at the pump. These financial advantages present benefits in the future as many sedans rank among the top cars for resale value. Best of all, these vehicles offer excellent value in both budget and luxury trims, meaning there's likely several options to choose from at any prices point.

Sedans Are Uber Practical

Thanks to years of improvement, modern sedans make incredible use of space. Despite having the advantages of compactness, sedans still offer ample trunk space, and the back seats offer further storage options for moving items. With comfortable seating for up to five passengers, sedans are also an excellent choice for families. Because four doors and an admirable ingress and egress, many sedans are easy to get in and out of. For those who value ride quality, sedans are difficult to beat! This is an indisputable fact for anyone who regularly drive on the highway.

Sedans Offer a Proven Design

Although sedans — like every other type of automobile — receive regular upgrades, their platforms tend to change less frequently. This is a direct result of how optimized modern sedans have become. When it comes to buying a vehicle, knowing you're purchasing a tested and proven model can bring peace of mind. You can sedan expect styling and interior design to continue improving over time. However, the reliable four-door design and comfortable seating for up to five passengers is undoubtedly here to stay. When you purchase a sedan, you know you're purchasing one of the most proven vehicle designs ever made.

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